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Premium Package of Korean Product


  • Korean Snacks with Noodles
  • Genuine Korean Warm Socks
  • Colorful Korean Pencil Case
  • Note with Korean Cover
  • 2 Pens Flower Design Made In Korea
  • 2 Highlighters Made In Korea
  • Mask Packs
  • 상세 설명

    Korean Snacks with Noodle

    - Get delicious & famous snacks with Korean Noodle (Ra-myeon)


    Genuine Korean Warm Socks

    - Called Yosulbuhsun (means magical Korean socks)


    Colorful Korean Pencil Case

    - Case with stripes of many color!

    - Use as pencil case or pouch for cosmetics.


    Note with Korean Cover

    - Encouraging message on the cover in Korean.

    - Made with High-quality papers.


    2 Pens Flower Design Made in Korea

    - Flower design with Korean word.

    - Using it to the end VS Loosing it before the end.


    2 Highlighters Made in Korea

    - Solid highlighters.


    Mask Packs 

    - descriptions? You know how good it is.