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The wonderful history of Korean Rock

Because history is so important and because music has such a rich history, it is a strong sense of curiosity mixed with the fascination for Korean culture that has pushed me to research how Rock music was born in South Korea. I was so surprised to learn that Rock'n'roll was introduced to Korean people right after the Korean War by the American soldiers. This fascinating musical genre quickly expanded like an immortal sap. Then many legendary rock bands have formed in South Korea and started a true cultural phenomenon bringing to life Rock music in Korea. More about this and much more, check this amazing documentary. Please enjoy it!


Rock on Korea Ep 01 Naissance of Korean Rock

"The Godfather of Korean Rock Music 'Shin Jung-hyeon' and the naissance of Korean Rock in the 1960s. We are going to look at Korean Rock musicians who were based in the American Army base in Dongducheon after the Korean War as the pivotal figures in the story of Korean Rock music. Also, the circumstances at that time and the initial bands such as ADD4 and HE6, which contributed to the naissance of Korean Rock music along with the twisted life history and music of Shin Jung-hyeon, the Godfather of Korean Rock music. It was Shin Jung-hyeon who first made rock mainstream in the age of Korean folk music. Also he composed hundreds of hit songs through constant experiments and efforts. In 1962, Shin Jung-hyeon organized Add4 which is recorded as the first Rock group in Korea. Shin Jung-hyeon felt the potential of the music market in Korea and gave up going to Vietnam, spreading the star system of the "Shin Jung-hyeon division". Shin Jung-hyeon continued with group performances, not only as a composer. In 1968, leading a show group in the US army, he organized a group called "Donkeys" and after that, he also made more groups such as Questions, The Man, Yeojeondeul(brass coins), and Music Power. His proteges dedicated a Tribute Album to him in 1997. Keyboys, the heros of the famous summer song "Let's go to the beach", was a team that played an important role in the naissance of group sound in Korea. Accepting songs like western pop songs, they became the most popular band. While Shin Jung-hyeon's Add4 was performing black-soul and covers of the Rolling Stones, along with their own songs, the Keyboys were affected by the popular sound of Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys and the Beatles, showed their ability to captivate an audience. In this show, famous Korean bands like Achtung, Free Market and The Crack will appear and express their respect to the masters, playing the classics of Korean Rock such as (Woman in the Rain) and (The Beauty)."

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