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Why do Korean artists inspire us?

Whether it's K-Pop or K-Metal, Korean artists have always shown a great perseverance and courage in the career they chose. The endless hours of hard work and rehearsals, the stubbornness of achieving high goals, the determination to work on their voice until it sounds good enough or the desire to play on variable musical instruments, all these aspects make our favourite Korean artists the role models that we want to follow with our greatest delight. We like their optimism and their determination to achieve the greatest results through hard work and perseverance, but more than that we admire their decision to give up that terrible and toxic "I can't!".

"If my dance moves are not good enough yet, I will work until I achieve perfection!", "If my voice stubbornly refuses to reach those difficult musical notes, I will work, I will try until I succeed!", "If I am not yet an exceptional musician I will work until I can possess the extraordinary abilities to get the best sound out of my instrument. I can and will succeed!"

What is the difference between Korean artists and others? You could say there is no difference. But! Although most of the international artists we know are equally talented, passionate and they desire the same professional growth, South Korean artists have shown that this is not enough if you want to be a really good artist. THE TALENT alone IS NOT enough! They have shown that for this talent to be harnessed you must work a lot (I mean, a lot!) and you also need to make great sacrifices.Their love for music is authentic, the work hours in the rehearsal room are fully used, the sleep hours are so insufficient and that desire to succeed becomes truly invincible. Their brave attitude reflects this powerful thought: "I have the seed of talent planted in me and I have to make it rise, grow and let it give the best fruit possible, but I can do it only by working hard, having great passion and unstopable desire to acomplish. I can and I will not stop until I succeed! '

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