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DIABLO- one step away from Europe

In the mist of this society that has been haunted by billions of trends, music was born out of abstract desires or just careless wishes. We are seeing newborn artists who can survive or just die with the mute sound on their lips, we're seeing music veterans whose thoughts and inner treasures have lost their priceless legacy or on the contrary, they are considered deities of culture and art; in front of these well known “four winds of the Earth” we are trying to make our desire for art, music and freedom known to the world! And we are succeeding every single time!

We love music, we categorize it as nourishing food for our souls, exaltation for the mind, spiritual, intellectual and emotional way of expressing ourselves or we're just listening to it for filling the void that has been created by the tyranny of our times where we're experiencing so much prejudice and lack of acceptance.

There are so many musical genres, so many ideas, so many brilliant minds and so many silent voices and we want to give everyone the opportunity to be heard, understood and appreciated.

Having that said, allow me to introduce to you a Metal band from Seoul, South Korea, consisting of 5 great musicians whose minds, voices and riffs are heard only (unfortunately) in East Asia and occasionally in the United States. They are 디아블로 (Diablo)!

I have the honor and great pleasure to discover their thoughts, feelings and aspirations in the following INTERVIEW.

Greetings guys! Thank you for your time. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello! We’re DIABLO; Crane (vocal), Demian (guitar), Rock (guitar), Min (Bass), and Dee (Drums).

Happy to meet you! Tell me please, what made you start a band and when did it happen?

We first started out back in 1993. Wow, a long time ago! We were just seriously in love with music, so we got together to practice. Since it’s been more than two decades now, there are only two original members left: Demian (guitar) and Dee (drums). After a while, our guitarist Rock joined and then the bassist Min. Oh, and our vocalist Crane developed a desire to perform early on from listening to DIABLO’s music.

Where do you guys live? And what inspired you in choosing the name of your band?

We all live in Seoul, South Korea. The band name DIABLO comes from the sports car Lamborghini Diablo. Our music about that time was unbelievably speedy, so we thought it kind of matched. We didn’t know this CAR would get this famous, haha!

Wow! Great inspiration! We know that Diablo is a metal band, but we would like to know what are the main influences in your music.

DIABLO is heavily influenced not only by heavy metal bands like Pantera and Metallica but also other artists from various genres. We are ready to accept and learn from anyone or anything. For example, our song <Harlem Desire> is a good representation of combining heavy metal and old school disco sound. Another example is a very trendy track named <Breath>, uniting Dubstep, Rap and of course the powerful sound of heavy metal.

How many albums has Diablo released so far? What exactly do they reflect and also what is the motivation behind them?

So far, we have two full regular albums and two mini albums. It is always fun as well as challenging to create new albums. As a band, DIABLO really tries to reflect all members’ opinions and philosophies when making music. Also, we always think about the listeners, our fans. We always want to make sure the messages from our music is reaching our fans.

I have listened to a few of your songs and I was excited to find out that, besides the excellent music I can also enjoy English lyrics describing very deep and complex feelings. Do you intend to release full-length albums in English?

Hell yeah! Our second regular album <<Undefined>> was recorded in English, entirely. We are living in the 21st century, a global era, haha! We write music in both Korean and English. When we work on a new album, we usually start out with a concept, and then, lyrics and music. Hmm… From our mini album <<Dumb>>, we strongly wanted to talk about school violence and bullying. You should listen to the track <Your Name>. That’ll explain everything. Oh, one more, we have a song called <Nameless> from our mini album <<The Keeper of Souls>> dealing with suicide, one of Korea’s most serious social issues.

What is the situation of k-metal when it comes to popularity? Are k-metal bands well known overseas?

Well, we have far away to go. There are numerous heavy metal bands in Korea, yet none of them are well known overseas. DIABLO won’t just settle for Korea but will make our way to become more global. Oh, Europe is definitely on our must-go-list!

It sounds like a big challenge for you, guys. What are your expectations regarding the future of Diablo and the other K-Metal bands? Are you optimistic about it?

Well, once in the early 2000s, new metal was really popular. A combination of rock and rap was one great way to reach the public, with Korea’s most beloved rock star Seo Taiji at the head. If you want to see Korean heavy metal bands appeal to the mass, there definitely should be some changes. For now, it’s all about K-Pop. However, if bands like us get more opportunities to go on the air, be on major TV shows and meet fans more often, K-Rock can certainly go global, beyond Asia.

You are already very well-known to the ROCK-loving audience in Korea. Is there a chance that Diablo will also be playing in Europe in the near future?

Absolutely. We’d love to visit Europe anytime. We are planning on it now, in fact. If the time is right, we might see you guys in the very near future!

Excellent! I'm looking forward to it. Please tell us which other countries you have performed so far, aside South Korea. How have you been welcomed by the fans there?

DIABLO has performed in the States, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and mainland China. Well, it was quite interesting to find out each country has its own style of enjoying the show. In China, fans were crazily loving us. They welcomed us like K-Pop idols, haha. It’s always fun and great to meet overseas fans.

There are many people around the world who love metal. There is no point in mentioning that Diablo will certainly be well received here. Have you thought of producing an album on our continent? If so, do you prefer a particular country?

We recorded our first and second albums overseas, in Japan and the States. Working with globally renowned producers in the recording room is no doubt the greatest experience for musicians. We haven’t decided a specific country yet, but would surely love to work in a global environment.

What do you think about Metal bands in Europe? Can you name a band that you like in particular?

We love Inflames. Bands from Europe can be extreme, heavy, brutal yet lyrical. And the techniques...! It is amazing!

As a band, what is your greatest achievement, a moment that you remember with pleasure?

We stood on stage with the legendary Pantera at a rock festival concert in Japan. After DIABLO’s performance, Phil Anselmo (yes we’re talking about Pantera’s vocalist) personally came to our waiting room and screamed ‘fucking awesome’ with his two thumbs up. Yeah, that was fucking awesome! We also got the first place in the popularity contest for the rookies, even winning over lots of hot American bands like Static-X.

Your concerts seem to be an uplifting experience for your fans. How do you feel when you look at your fans and see how much they enjoy your live shows?

It is truly thrilling to share feelings in one space through our music. Musicians and fans become one without borders or boundaries. It is such a strong experience! We do exist thanks to our fans!

Keep up the good work, guys! We are waiting for you with open arms in our great metal family in Europe!

We promise to make our way to Europe with open arms too, as soon as possible. See you very soon!

Let's ride!

Photo credits: Teran Park

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