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Nothing Against The Youth - NATY

When thinking about Heavy Metal or any other kinds of rock music, in general, it may not come that easy for you to name a musician or a band that has ever put their footsteps on western radio channels, not to mention on "live" stages. Only a few names from the classical music scene have been announced as either talented or maestro as far as some "musicians" are concerned. Very unlike their historical nickname of "a nation from silence," these Koreans have been performing on stages for decades with full of their astronomically energetic metal tracks in Korean language - Yes, it is not just English lyrics most likely.

Founded in 1986 by original members Jun (on the bass) and Tae (drummer) as a six-man band, NATY is known as one of the legendary thrash metal bands of their time during the uprising of heavy metal era in Korea. After their official debut in 1988, the band was re-formed to a four-man band, continuing their legacy in Korean music industry. After a few years, in 1991, the team started performing and working more as individuals with the efforts to reflect more of solitude on their new tracks in the following decade.

In 2004, after a long period of being out of the music scene, NATY welcomed new members Ven (main vocal, guitarist). With the joining of Ven, NATY kick-started their career again as a whole team. After two years of studio works, in 2006, they at long last released the new album “Long Time No See” (StompMuisc, 2006). Even after the long break, NATY was blessed and thankful enough to see their fans and all lovers of their heart pounding music were still around to welcome them back into the limelight.

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