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10 top trends hitting the Korean music scene

Girl's Generation or BTSD are not the only feverish hitters of Korean music industry any more.

Traditionally, Koreans are really far far far from being silent or introverted as you might have encountered any Korean in your daily lives. Rather, their love of music and performance on/off stages has diffused to a numerous micro-films of those TV series and shows from Korea, if you could ever watch one on your channels. Unlike the original function of "Karaoke (*a translated expression from Fake Orchestra, in Japanese)" from Harajuku, Tokyo, Koreans have made use of their own Karaoke places in every corner of the streets in small cities, not to mention Seoul where more than 12 million residents are bumping into each other every morning and night, as their very common way of unleashing their stage talent hidden down in their deep hearts. Hard to imagine? Then look at those stage performance on our Youtube channels from Korea!

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